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  1. These flowers are my favorite!!! I have purchased several large orders of these to make hair accessories with them. Some are available for purchase in my shop at http://www.jeckaboutique.etsy.com and featured on my blog at http://jeckaboutique.com/blog/.
    DuhBe has been such an inspiration! I am anxiously awaiting a huge order in many of the new colors…My mind is spinning with new ideas, especially for brides. Stay tuned…

  2. I love these – thanks for the turorial. On a more personal note, it is always great to find other crafty science geeks. I’ll be back.

  3. Love your easy tutorial. I have fooled around making roses since a child, but making dolls is my hobb now. I sometimes require smaller things and although I use the candle to burn fabric hems, I think trying a wood burning tool is safer and perhaps will accomplish the same thing but one can be more precise. I do like the black sometimes, but sometimes not. You can also put holes in synthetics with the tool which look like lacy things. Some grape leaves look just like that outside as the Japanese beetles have been dining with vigorll making them look like lace.. What fun that might be to print those lacy leaves on fabric…Off the subject, but still in the flora etc….Thanks for sharing. Your ideas are like yeast…they grow! pharpha

  4. try a wood burning tool instead of the candle for preciseness and safety issues.
    Also, a wire zigzagged works well and fast for the gathering and is easily twisted to finish before you stitch by hand. This is more sturdy for some uses.

  5. Thanks for all the encouragement. I’m so glad people have found their way over here from the CRAFTzine blog.

    As far as using a woodburning tool, I have actually used a soldering iron for that purpose but it only seals the edges and you don’t get the same curling and darkening of the petals. But people should experiment with their own tools and creative flow to see what works best! I had some options like that at the end of the tutorial, but decided to leave that as a follow up post later on. 🙂

  6. carole

    How beautiful. I am making a quilt for each of my daughter in laws and needed some kind of decoration. I have it now. Roses. thank you

  7. Damia

    These are fantastic. And your Tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for your generousity

  8. Thanks for this! I ran across this at Craft, and it happened to be just the thing I needed. I whipped up a couple in black and added some stems and fake leaves to use as accessories for a mime costume (Quiet Riot bar crawl in Pittsburgh!). Totally perfect! Thanks!

  9. How beautiful! I saw the link on Craft and just had to click over. i would love to link to this in the Daily DIY if you didn’t mind. Off to explore the rest of your blog…

  10. I SO appreciate your tutorial b/c I can really make & use these with my cards! Once I get around to buy fabric this weekend & finished them, I’ll be sure to post & link back to you on my! AWESOME! Thanks so much!!! Cheers, Julie

  11. Hello thank you so much for sharing not to many people like you out their . Your step by step is very detailed good job thank you again i will enjoy making them with my pre teen mom and daughter time. thank you for the memory’s we will have

  12. […] I think I’m going to add at least one more to the mix:  I am dying to try to make these fabric roses.  But I want to make them GIANT size, attach them to sticks, and place them in a huge vase in my […]

  13. What a great tute Luci! I agree with your sharing creativity philosophy 110% and I’m thrilled to see it bearing fruit (or roses) right here! Yay us!

    • What a great compliment from you Reese, since it was your gorgeous blooms that inspired me in the first place!!!

  14. […] of projects.  It is actally almost done – I just need to cast off and block.  I tried those roses, but they are a lot more difficult than they look!  I tried basting them and pulling the thread to […]

  15. c’est magnifique, bravo pour cette réalisation, j’adore
    amitiés, karine

    (edited by Duhbe for the English translation: “This is great, bravo for your idea, I love it. Friendship, Karine
    Now if I could only translate those comments I’m getting in Turkish, sorry!)

  16. Nazima

    Hey thr thanks a lot…really nice and easay…i knew how to make the roses but dint knw i cud burn the edges to keep it from fraying…i have a fashion show lined up and m gonna use these for my models shoes…thxs god bless.. 🙂

  17. Ruth Ann

    thank you so much for these clear directions and the pictures are wonderful bonus! . Thank you for sharing your ideas.. I am looking to make roses to put on bridesmaids dresses.. and these will be perfect! I cannot wait to get started!

  18. […] einer Kerzenflamme verschmolzen habe. Im Internet gibt es einige Anleitungen dazu. Ich habe mich an dieser Beschreibung orientiert, Lucy hat schon diese andere Fundstelle für die Methode erwähnt. Natürlich […]

    German –> English translation via Google translator

    […] A candle had melted. On the Internet there are some instructions to do so. I have been guided by this description, Lucy has already mentioned this other reference to the method. Of course, […]

  19. Thank you so much for sharing how to make these roses. They are so pretty and I can’t wait to give to a try. You did a fantastic job of explaining step by step, thanks again for your generosity!
    Peace to you…. 🙂

  20. Alexandra

    Waouw. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to try it out.
    (I love Science and art to!) I’m in my last year of High school and hope to become an orthodontist, but I still like crafts. As a matter of fact, i’m making rings now)

    • Hi Alexandra, glad you found me! Just remember that science and creativity are not mutally exclusive, they should actually be best friends!

  21. Sou apaixonada por rosas! Obrigada por compartilhar com a gente essa maravilha.
    Beijos e até mais…

    (Duhbe translated this from Portugese to English using Google Translator:)

    ‘m In love with roses! Thanks for sharing with us this marvel.
    Kisses and even more …

  22. KLauren

    I’m so glad I found this tutorial! I’m a costumer and want to use this technique to make some rose petal skirts for fairie folk in a show I’m doing. Thank you for being so generous with your instruction. Knowledge is a good thing and can be so useful. I’ve been trying a woodburning tool, doesn’t seem to get the same curl to the edge as the candle. That makes all the difference.
    Thanks again so much for this tutorial. Blessings!

    • Tiffany – that’s great news! I’ll be sure to listen, and I plan to hear some of your older podcasts while I work in my studio today. Thanks!

  23. Angie

    Thank you so much for sharing. I agree with your philosophy. I used to have a craft company where I recycled maps into jewelry and ‘stuff’. I’ve been sharing this process with many people, no charge. I love recycling and crafts!
    I will make the rose tomorrow. Looking forward to your technique. I’ve tried others but these roses look the most authentic.

  24. This is yet another stunning way to create one of nature’s most beautiful flowers and you do it so much justice.. absolutely beautiful!

  25. Kandi

    Thank you so much for your generosity .
    I have my own furniture and furnishing store .
    I do not have a lot of time to experiment when I come up with an idea for something . You have saved me loads of time . I plan to incorporate these into my wedding also . I will be back to your place !!!!
    Amazingly easy to follow.

  26. I can’t thank you enough for this tutorial.
    You use many of my techniques I use everyday.
    I’m an alternative fashion designer who does both garments and accessories and I will sure experiment with this technique to make roses for the garments, hats and hairclips.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Lots of karma to you!


    Ingela Lordsdotter

  27. Hannah

    I came across this website while searching how to make fabric flowers- I love your instructions, especially with pictures- and the roses are beautiful. Thank you!

  28. Thank you Duhbe for the instructions on how to make a rose, and I totally agree with your philosophy, sharing your idea is so unselfish. The roses are beautiful. I will be making roses.

  29. Le

    This tutorial is GREAT. I’ve been doing a lot of research on flower making and I’m so excited to have found your tutorial. I’m attempting to make my bridal bouquet and this is perfect! Thank you for sharing! I’m headed to JOANN’s tomorrow for my fabric. =)

  30. Stephanie

    Thank you so much for this tutorial! I’m getting married this year and want to make one for my hair. I’ll be using these in projects for a long time. It is very kind of you to share your technique — again, thanks!

  31. esma

    anlat?ml? olu?u çok güzel deneyece?im sizinle tan??t???ma çok memnunum türkiye istanbul agva’dan selamlar

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