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Simplicity Bucket hat

Just had to share this free pattern for a bucket hat available at Simplicity. Wouldn’t this look cute with some DuhBe roses on it? Maybe a silk ribbon or tulle tied around it as well?   I’d like to make it from wool or boucle suiting to match a capelet.   (Thanks for the lead Craft Gossip!)

bucket hat

And while on the subject of free hat patterns, Wild Ginger has a a program called Wild Things which will generate patterns for multiple accessories which you print at home based on the measurements you input.  (I love Wild Ginger and use their Pattern Master Boutique to make clothing patterns)  The free Wild Things software will make hats, bags, wraps and footwear.  Download a free version of Wild Things and try it out.


10 Responses to “Simplicity Bucket hat”

  1. cesar jaidar says:

    i need information sofwere pattron cloting

  2. I think this is the cutest Little Hat that I have ever seen. Can hardly wait to sew it.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Thanks for telling me about the Wild Ginger – free pattern website. Looks great! Im a technology teacher – the students will love it too!

  4. Mariya says:

    Thank you! Good program
    And a beautiful hat!

  5. Stacy says:

    This pattern is no longer available at this link anyone know where I can get it? Thanks

  6. duhbe says:

    It looks like the Simplicity website is only down temporarily, so it might come back with the pattern still available. You could also try the free Wild Ginger program and make the sunbonnet with a shorter brim setting.

    Otherwise, I don’t see lots of free patterns for this hat other than ones for toddlers. But I didn’t get past the first page of results so something may be out there.

  7. jomodad says:

    The FREE Program does not let you print out the pattern? So what do you do with it? I need to make $100+ hats to pay for the software.

  8. DuhBe says:

    Jomodad – are you saying the Wild Ginger program won’t print? I can’t help with that. I’ve had that free program for years and printed many patterns from it but maybe they changed since then?

    This blog post is 3 years old. Things change. Not much I can do other than delete the post altogether.

  9. Mim says:

    your bucket hat pixs didn’t come thru, can you email me some pixs and pattern price?