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Sewn kraft wrap & cookies too!

Is it too late to show off some holiday wrapping?  Since I’m a perpetual procrastinator, it’s never too late.  Besides, these ideas work all year.

Here is my mother’s apron, wrapped in a recycled brown paper bag, then stitched up each side.  I added a few strips of tulle for a bow, along with a tag printed on kraft cardstock.

I got these whimsical tag graphics from Vanessa over at A Fanciful Twist.  (Have I mentioned how much I love her blog?)  She has several sheets of cute tag freebies on her blog.

Here’s a closeup of the stiches for you stitch-a-holics out there.  For best results, I used heavy topstitch thread from gutterman’s thread, and used a denim needle on this thick grocery bag.  (At first I was lazy and used a regular needle, which broke.  don’t repeat my mistakes!)  I also increased the stitch length to 4 on my machine.  Stitch one side, reverse to add a 2nd line of stitches going backward, then stitch again for a 3rd line.  Repeat on the other side.  Easy!

As I said before, even the most youthful and sexy grandmothers should still wear aprons and bake cookies.  To get my mom in the spirit of this, I sent her some homemade cookies.  These are Cranberry Hootycreeks – with dried cranberry, white chocolate chips, pecans and oatmeal.  They are a favorite at our house.

Pop the cookies into a bag with food grade tissue (wedding leftovers!), then add more tulle and a handmade cotton rose.  Hang another tag printed on the home printer.  (notice the cheapskate thread running through my gift wrap?  Everything was stuff I had around the house already)

And then, I included a dry cookie mix to complete the whole package.  Last year I gave away cookie mixes that I assembled in jars.  People loved it, but I didn’t want to buy more jars this year and they are hard to mail.  So I assembled cookie mix into quart size freezer bags this year and made up some handmade fabric bags.  This red and white stripe fabric was sitting in my stash, part of a pirate costume my daughter wanted.  To make these simple bags,  cut strips 10×22 inches, fold in half so the fold is the bottom of the bag, then sew up the sides.  I also finished the top edge and added gussets for a flat bottom, but that’s optional.

Add a bow and gift tag – you’re done!  I printed the instructions and put them inside the bag, but in the past I printed the instructions on the gift tag.  It works both ways.  These are much easier to mail than the jar cookie mixes, and the fabric bags can be every bit as charming as a glass jar.  You can get very creative with your fabric bags – I’ve even seen them in stocking shapes.

That wraps it up for me.

(I’ve been learning depth of field and playing with my cameras aperature mode.  I’ve also blurred the edges of these photos in my iPhoto software.  I never would have been able to take these photos a year ago, so at least there’s some progress in my photo skills.  Always learning, ever improving.  That’s how I roll. )


2 Responses to “Sewn kraft wrap & cookies too!”

  1. Charissa says:

    Awesommmmme! I love your take on the sewn brown paper wrap especially. It’s cool how you can take someone else’s idea and make it your own style.

    Would you be up for submitting some of these to The Gifted Blog reader gallery? http://www.flickr.com/groups/giftedbloggallery


    • duhbe says:

      Hi Charissa, I’d be happy to add the wrap to your flickr gallery. Let me jump over there now while I’m thinking about it.