1. Lynda

    Wow!! Love the wall of spice. You really are so creative. As soon as you said,”a special hell…” I knew where you were going. There is so much quotable Firefly.

  2. Brenda

    Looking good! I recommend a couple of big ol’ nasty looking fluorescent fixtures for the ceiling. They ain’t pretty, but the light is wonderful.

  3. Charlotte Boyle

    Love, love, love the spice wall. Great job on both the bathroom projects! Would like to see the kid’s vintage furniture but do understand not being able to show it. Don’t envy you the wall texture and baseboard jobs but it’s lookin’ good…

  4. renee

    Wall-0-spice is the coolest! Love the kitchen color. I will be visiting Jake in March so I must come see. If Jake says “no” then I may be visiting you.

  5. How can we tell that those previous owners weren’t too bright, those mirrors! That seems like something the Chinese would do, it’s dangerous and the cheapest way to attach mirrors to a wall!

  6. That’s by far the most beautiful spice rack I’ve ever seen! And the red background suits it perfectly. Great design.

    And bonus points for creative reuse of shelving!

  7. Holy shit, you have been busy. Such nice work. Your bathroom cabinet looks great (I’m also one who gets excited about storage) and of course the kitchen spice shelves are drool-able. They look wonderful. Thank you for sharing your home improvement photos and stories. They’re just the motivation I need to work on my own, too.

  8. John

    Wow! Love the wall. But shouldn’t the spices be in dark jars to keep them fresh? Or do you go through them quickly enough that that is not a problem?

  9. I’ve neglected to comment back on this post – so thanks for all the encouraging words from everyone!

    And to John – dark jars might be better. But sometimes form wins out over function. The jars are not in direct sunlight, and I’ve never noticed the spices being bland unless they get several years old (like Thyme for example, because I never use it.)

  10. Angela

    Absolutely LOVE your wall o’ spices!! I was describing to my husband earlier this evening what I’m looking for and then came across your blog. Nearly identical to my idea and an excellent price, thanks for sharing!! Now to go to Ikea to ‘help’ him buy this stuff for my birthday present.
    You’re a genius 🙂

  11. Angela

    I forgot to mention on my comment that my living room and kitchen have the SAME stucco stuff (in the same colour!) on the walls and I hate it! What sort of scraper did you use and how long did it take? I want to get rid of that nastiness ASAP. 😀

  12. Liliana

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Did I say LOVE this!!! I have sooooo many spices and they keep increasing in number and this is so perfect. The wall in my kitchen is the same size as yours (same color too!) so I will do this next weekend for sure. Thanks for they great idea!! So excited. IKEA HERE I COME!


  13. Just a hint for removing mirrors stuck to walls: to keep mirror glass from ‘exploding’ bits during removal, tape the surface before trying to pop them off. Wide packing tape or duct tape work well. If you tape on the wall above it keeps it from dropping before you can catch it, unless of course the mirror is too big for the tape to hold it up.

  14. Karen

    Love the spice wall! Can I ask how many photo ledges that took. It says on the IKEA website that they are 21 5/8″ long and so I’m guessing you might have 8 here total? I’m really trying to figure out how many of the spice jars fit on each. I’m guessing with the occasional other odd shaped jar or frame (which I also love to break it up a bit) that each ledge might hold about 10 jars? Unfortunately we don’t have an IKEA here in New Orleans so I may have to sweet talk my Mom to picking this stuff up next time my parents drive to town, so I want to make sure to get my order correct when I can’t see and touch everything in the store. Thanks for posting this!

  15. Karen

    Actually, would love to know you red paint color too if you don’t mind sharing! 😉 Looks great!

  16. I think questions got answered in private emails but I post here too – the shelves are the 40+ inch ones from IKEA and it seems they don’t always stock that longer size.

    The kitchen paint color is Wild Raisin from Behr paint.

  17. Becky

    Can you email me about the labels you used… size? are they white? Would you mind sharing if you still have them on your computer. Sorry I can’t tell from picture. This is just totally awesome! Thanks so much 🙂

  18. Becky – I will email you about the labels, but basically they are Avery #15660, which are clear address labels – 30 to a sheet. I printed the border and spice names, then trimmed the side off.

  19. Laura

    I would love to duplicate your Wall of Spice. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The closest IKEA to me though, is over 3 hours away. So, we’re trying to do some planning first, and make a shopping list. Was wondering; did you use the 21 3/4″ RIBBA picture ledge shelves, or the 45 1/4″ ones? Also, any guesstimates you might have as to how many of the RAJTAN jars fit on each of whichever of the shelves you used would be incredibly helpful. We’re looking to accomodate approximately 50 RAJTAN jars. I am so excited to get started. Thank you for the inspiration!

  20. Cathy

    The hubby found this and was so excited to share it with me…We were thrilled by the picture and the idea, and wondered what the colour of the orange paint was…

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