1. Hey! I was just sitting down to make some felted-sweater flowers (why I thought Google Reader would be helpful at a time when both hands are required for work, I don’t know).

    Thank you for this big list! I’ve been making some Anthropologie-style t-shirts and these (esp. the first ones you listed) could be fun for that.

  2. oops! Thanks Charissa – I fixed that broken link you mentioned. I would love to see photos of the shirts when you’re done if you feel like sharing.

  3. […] the song from Singing in the Rain it’s even more crashy-burny. I made a rose from a tutorial found here. Maddie’s recent post reminded me that my rose was sitting on my Sewing ‘Studio’ […]

  4. I don’t have any need to make flowers right now, but I wanted to say this is a nice roundup and I especially liked that you indicated the photo reposting permissions.

  5. Staci

    Another fun one is roses made out of colored duck tape. It is a great way to make a bouquet that will last forever!

  6. THANK YOU for sharing this great list of tutorials. But I still like yours the most. And I’m going fabric hunting tomorrow 🙂 I really hope I can make something pretty!

  7. I found your roses while searching for fabric roses to make hair clips for my daughters upcoming Wedding. So I saved your tutorial so I could refer back to it, while attempting to make them. I’ve made a few with ‘sample material’, and I still haven’t mastered the technique!
    I was surprised to find that the tutorial is not online any longer. They are so beautiful and you do such a wonderful job.
    Your roses are listed as #6 of your ‘rose list’. Will it be up for at least another month? I really need to keep referring to it! Thank you so much for your creativity!

    • Thanks for letting me know the rose tutorial is having issues. That blog page should still be available, but my blog is having intermittent issues since I changed web hosts and I’m having their engineers take a look at the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience! Please check back again later and that tutorial should be working along with the rest of the blog.

  8. Didi

    Hi, I am so glad I by chance found you website. I am trying to make those crinckle dresses which is so much in fashion in South Africa at the moment. I needed some help on making flowers to decorate them and got to your website. I am also desperatly looking for ideas to make something to sell as my current job is so stressfull and can not manage. My husband passed away 8 months ago which means I am really dependant in my income. I live in a small town have you got any suggestions.

  9. Well Adriana, this post is over 2.5 years old, and I have no control over people shutting down their blogs or making them private. It’s a shame though because those were nice tutorials on their roses. But since I listed 11 different tutorials, maybe some are still active?

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