1. Having never had cause to wear such a costume as this would befit, I’m unable to provide a personal opinion on their wearability. I can envision someone in a long, full skirt with a ruffle of its own along the bottom edge wearing these underneath, the leg ruffles peaking out generously where the skirt is gathered up on the side.

    What would be the benefit of these over ruffled petticoats? Privacy, warmth? They seem like flamenco pants, which could be cool to see in action.

  2. Brenda

    Sarcastra raises an excellent point. What would be the benefit of these over ruffled petticoats? They would certainly make a trip to the john more difficult as you now have to drop your pants and raise your skirt as opposed to just raising two skirts.

  3. I like the black and white ones best. I totally could not pull them off but I think there is potentially a market for them. There’s a gathering here in the Pacific Northwest called the Oregon Country Fair (oregoncountryfair.org) where I think you’d find some buyers and possibly March Fourth Marching Band (http://www.marchfourthmarchingband.com/) that I could see liking them. They look like some of the stuff that their stilt-walkers wear.

  4. Oh and I meant to say that I also prefer the fabric that has some drape to it. The quilt weight cotton might look too circus-y

  5. My first concern would be the weight of the ruffles on Trousers (pants to you!!)they would have to fit well on the waist or the baggy bum shape rules. Sorry to be negative, but having a skirt over the trousers and roses hitching it up I can imagine, with the colour and fabrics. The pants could be attach to the skirt..easy for the loo. i am rambling so will go. x 2 weeks of grandchildren for me so my fiddles are put away and childrens craft are out.

  6. What a challenge you have taken on! I think the black and white pair photograph especially well. But I think the third pair are probably closest in construction to what you are looking for. Personally, I can only imagine wearing these under a skirt – on their own they’d feel (to me) like a clown costume.
    It seems to me like what you are creating are bloomers or drawers? I Googled around the web this a.m.
    Here are a few links that might fuel your creative juices:
    the web site “marquise.de/en/1800/index.shtml” is an interesting site – includes patterns.
    youtube.com watch?v=CkDyVyMItGg (see ads for vintage corsets and lingerie from 1900-1950)

    Check out the site recollections.biz (Look at the “Underpinnings”)

    The site fashion-era.com/regency_fashion.htm (has a LOT of pages that could inspire one for hours)

    Good luck and I’ll be watching for future posts!!

  7. I love the black pair. Something about the different textures just speaks to me. I’m not sure I would wear them outside of a costume but I think it would be fun for costume purposes.

  8. dinazad

    I think they’d be great for a bellydancing class – you don’t want to have a full costume for class, but a bit of frilly stuff is always welcome. I’d definitely wear the first two pairs to class!

    • Thanks Dinazad – I think the pants would work for dance class and I’ll be wearing some when I go back to class very soon.

      Charissa – thanks for the comment. Even if we have different styles, we are both followers of the creative process and that’s what counts!

  9. I would definitely wear these, for dance class and for performances, under a long skirt pinned up at the knees, or maybe a long split over skirt. I love the black one, the mixed textures work well and I love the vintage look. I love the colours in the red one. The lighter coloured one is just too plain, and pastel-y for my tastes, but I like the idea that you can see the skirt panels in the ruffles. I think a lighter weight fabric would be good, I think the cotton might flounce out a little too much, you want to swirl, not flounce. I’ve been slightly obsessed with ruffles myself recently and am planning a pair of slightly below the knee length mini-ruffled bloomers to wear under knee length skirts for day wear in the coming summer…too much do you think?? 🙂

  10. jodi

    i love ur pants!!!! how about using a stretchy fabric and make yoga pants with the ruffles. sooooo cool!

  11. Jann Olsen

    I am a percussionist in a Samba Batucad group, and in 3 weeks, we are going to play in a big parade in Southern Calif.
    I am looking for a pair of all white ruffled pants.
    I am 5’3″ and 115 lbs. Typically, I make all my own costumes, but don’t have the time this year.
    Would you happen to have a pair like this available? Your styles are very much like what I was looking for.

  12. Erin

    I love these! I am definitely looking for pants like these because my preschooler won’t wear anything but dresses- however, she is not modest, so everyone sees her panties when she sits on the floor, and I worry about her being cold in winter. Something ruffly & bedazzled would be perfect for her!

  13. I love your roses and have never seen this technique used to make them. May I use them to embellish tote bags for sell or in other ways. No business yet am exploring possibilities for future. I am assuming I can make this for my own personal use. thanks for answer

  14. Hi! Do you still make these? Or have the 1st pair? I would LOVE to buy them or pay you to make me some. I produce a festival in Austin, Texas called the Freak Show Festival, it’s an old-school freak/sideshow circus meets a rockabilly music stage and people that come to my festival would go CRAZY for these. I want them to wear to work in at our next one. PLEASE contact me: info@freakshowfestival.com or rachel@3wayevents.com THANK YOU!

  15. Cory

    Maybe not the audience you’re going for but my 5 year old would LOVE these. Flowy and frilly are best! I like them!

  16. Mahal

    i love the black and white pair! i would totally wear those! the ruffle part should be a bit wider though. is there a way to do this? i’d love to make some for myself! 😉

  17. vanessa

    I actually wear ruffle pants, although the design is a bit different. The ruffles are 1-2 inches wide and are attached to the entirety of the yoga pants. They are truly ruffle pants. I would love to try yours and think the pics look great.

  18. Kris

    I would totally wear your black and white ruffled pants. Love em. I don’t need a reason. I’d wear them on a day to day basis. Cuuuuute!

  19. v

    I wear ruffled pants often and I’d love to try your black pair. The ruffled pants I wear have smailler ruffles (i inch each) throughout the whole pant and they are stretchy (yoga pants).

  20. Teri Hannigan

    I think the black and white/cream ones are SO fun, and I would definitely buy a pair, depending on a few things:
    1. What is the main fabric–is it a cotton mostly knit?
    2. What does the “waistband” look like–is it a wide or foldover as in typical yoga pants?
    3. How fitted are they in the thigh?
    4. Howe much would you sell them for?

  21. Hi Teri, I’ve sent you an email response to your questions.

    But for other curious souls, I charge $75 to add upcycled/vintage fabric ruffles or flounces to yoga pants supplied by the customer.

  22. april ernst

    The black pant is very elegant. I would were them any day of the week. Life is a gift. We must learn to celebrate every day.. Get it, good.

  23. i would wear them everyday!!!!
    Dress them up, a couple pairs of multicolored and a few solid pairs. Heck YES, people long for fun flirty clothes like these pants!

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