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Tardis Soap and some recent swapping

I’m going to force myself to post a few things I’ve crafted lately.

One of my most favoritist soaps EVER…because I love Doctor Who so much.  I made some Tardis soap.

tardis soap

In between all the soaps and shampoos, I’ve been finding time to craft and swap on swap-bot.  Here are things I’ve sent for recent swaps.  I wish I could remember to photograph everything before I send it out.  But these are the things I snapped before I sent them out.

I’ve started making ATCs or Artist Trading Cards.  Here are a couple from the circus series I’ve been swapping for…


These miniature curiosity cabinets swaps are lots of fun.  I sent a couple of tiny bottles, and then mounted a skull looking nut onto a base.  yep, they’re tiny.


This wasn’t crafting, as much as creatively de-stashing stuff for a profile surprise to a swapper in Israel.  Since she was into scrapbooks, I sent her paper, fabric flowers, and other ephemera that could be used for scrapbooks.

Fans of the sci-fi writer Terry Pratchett might get what these cards are for.  Hogswatch is a Christmas type holiday in the Discworld series, and there’s even a movie called the Hogfather that ties in.  A group of us exchanged Hogswatch cards instead of Christmas greetings.  Mine were a digital collage.


And a more traditional type of collage card, these have text, scrapbook paper, bits of fabric sewn on, and carnival tickets.  It’s nice to have a few “thank you” cards handy.

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  1. Georgia says:

    I’d love to know how you made the TARDIS soaps! Could you post how you did it? LOVE THEM!