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Vulcan fiber art

fiber collage

I sent this plaque off to a swap partner last week because she was a Star Trek fan and had a Vulcan alter ego.  I totally get it, because Vulcans are my favorite race on Star Trek.  They’re so logical and patient, yet they are good-hearted people.

The plaque was a piece of canvas with various bits of fabric patches sewn on.  The fabrics were all 2nd hand garments like aqua silk, pink linen, and a vintage doily.  The printed fabric was actually a little girls dress.  I printed the Vulcan proverb onto muslin with my inkjet printer.  Then a few vintage buttons were added for texture.

After everything was sewn to the canvas, I glued the canvas to a wooden plaque using tacky glue.  Where do you find wooden plaques?  You go to the thrift shop and look in the picture section.  You will find lots of ugly plaques just waiting to be painted over and repurposed – usually for less than $1.

And for all my Star Trek loving friends…did you know JJ Abrams has a SECOND Star Trek movie coming out in May 2013???  I already have the cinema gift cards reserved for those tickets and I’m so excited to see the new Kirk and Spock and Bones again!  So until next May…

Live Long and Prosper.