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Tiny Matchbox keepsake

It’s no secret.  I like tiny things.

So when I saw a swap on Swap-bot for a tiny keepsake matchbox, I was inspired to join and create this for my partner.

keepsake matchbox

Outside of the matchbox

keepsake matchbox-2

Inside of the box

I wrote my partner a letter about the Steampunk adventure we can take with this tiny kit.  Of course, we can enlarge the items with our handy-dandy shrink-o-matic ray gun whenever needed.  The kit includes a tiny pair of goggles, a few extra gears in case we breakdown, some laughter, and a light bulb to always light our way.  The skeleton key on the outside is good for sneaking into interesting places.

Gotta admit – I enjoyed putting this little guy together.  For details on how to make your own keepsake matchbox – hop over to the Pixie Hill blog for her Lovers Memento matchbox tutorial.  And I want to thank Mar1|1ze on Swap-bot for hosting this swap, otherwise I would never have known about this craft.


7 Responses to “Tiny Matchbox keepsake”

  1. Sarcastra says:

    I’m never really sure about Swap-Bot, it seems .. I don’t know, uncertain I guess. I have swapped on Craftster.org maybe 30 times and I have okay results. Do you only go in for small-ish stuffs? How do you like Swap-Bot, beyond the general? Is it worth trying again, one day, when I am done with remodeling and have time and space to make stuff again?

  2. duhbe says:

    Good questions. I will probably write a blog post on swap-bot pretty soon to answer you more thoroughly. I like it there, but I’ve definitely learned lessons the hard way. I do both large & small crafts on there. It’s important to work your way into trusted groups for safe swapping and find people who are on par with your own skill level. Private swaps are a good way to build ratings – and I would be happy to do a private swap with you Sarcastra – just get your workroom finished and then name your craft!

  3. Sarcastra says:

    Hah! Thank you very much! I will put this on my post-workshop list and I look forward to your post about SwapBot. I liked reading about your photography experience and it pushed me over the decision-edge about my next camera. I’m sure the swap post will be equally inspiring.

  4. Mar1l1ze says:

    Oh my goodness! Look at this amazing little treasure. I absolutely love seeing the talents that came out of this swap and the steampunk theme? You blew it out of the park, you nugget you 😉

  5. PeggyO says:

    Luci–I just came across the note you wrote to send with this little matchbox beauty. It was a delight to read again–love your imagination and love of fun and funny! That note is going into my memory box!

    Thanks–the box is special as well, and very pretty.

  6. duhbe says:

    I’m not sure why, but I had a lot of spam on this post in the comments section. I think I’ve got them all deleted now. That was weird.

  7. Lily says:

    Hi, I read your post about swap-bot, and was interested in joining it, however, I was a little unsure about it all, so was wondering when you’d get that blog post done? ^.^
    I’ve actually been reading your blog for a year or so now, I just never commented!