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Junker Jane Inspired rag dolls

I love those junky, raggedy rag dolls in the Junker Jane style.  When the Fantastic Art Dolls group on swap-bot hosted a Junker Jane inspired doll swap – I was all in!  I played around with all the vintage fabrics in my stash and some free motion embroidery.  I liked how these 2 turned out.





I’ve decided to send this one to my swap partner, although it was a really tough call on which one to send and which to keep. ((I wanted to keep both)     Here’s a close shot of her face with free motion stitched features, a flowery eye, and patches of linen, cotton and aqua silk.


Here’s her full body shot.


And a close-up of her skirt and legs.  I just used some thin quilt batting in the arms and legs, then added some decorative stitching.  I liked the flat limb look on all the inspiration I saw, so I stuck with that.


And here’s the other doll which I decided to keep for myself.


Her little beige flower was sent to me for a fabric flower swap, and that’s how I decided to keep this one.  Here’s her full body shot


And her skirt/legs showing the stitching and inking…


I really, REALLY loved making these.  This craft combines my love of old fabric and trims, altered art, decorative stitching, and dolls all into one project.  It’s so great to sit down and develop a doll’s personality in a few hours.  I hope to put my fabric stash to good use and make more of these dirty looking dollies.



4 Responses to “Junker Jane Inspired rag dolls”

  1. Sarcastra says:

    I agree with you, they are both great. Difficult choice. I especially like the stripey ear on your partner’s doll.

  2. Lily says:

    I think the one you kept has a sweeter look, with the one you sent being more ‘quirky’.
    I’d have a hard time choosing if I saw them in a shop.

  3. Samantha says:

    The dolls are awsome. Still they look nice. It’s a good work.

  4. roza says:

    Ciekawe s? te lalki szmaciane :) Kto? ma nie?le w g?owie namieszane 😉