No time for crafting

It has been 8 long months since my last blog post.  It seemed like a good time for a blog check-in.

I’m still breathing, but not crafting much anymore.  I shut down my Etsy shop of dolls very soon after I had opened it.  Life with an elderly parent has taken over my time.  I’m amazed at how very little the medical community knows about dementia.  Not only is there no cure, but there is little info on how families should deal with it.  Thank goodness for the Alzheimer’s Association – they are a sanity saver.

I should probably be crafting and sewing more often – to have a creative outlet for stress relief.  But most of the time I just don’t have the desire to craft since I have a long list of home improvement projects that are more important, yet those are taking years when they should have been done in months.

I’m not in a hurry.  Life is not going anywhere.

I was looking for an old photo of my crafts to put with this blog post, and this embroidered heart in a jar seemed to fit best.  It feels like I’m putting my life on hold for a few (many?) years.




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