Per FTC laws on blogger/advertiser relations, as well as my own eithical conscience, here is my full disclosures on who pays me related to this blog:

Project Wonderful

My blog includes ad space from Project Wonderful.  The ads rotate and I’m pretty liberal about which ads can go on my blog as long as they are family friendly.  I don’t know whose ads show up at any given time since advertiser bid on my ad boxes and the winning bidders can be a dynamic process.  If I ever knowingly endorse a product which has paid for ad space on I will disclose that in the posting.  But typically I don’t even know if somebody has paid for ad space on this blog.


I am an Amazon affiliate.  You will see an Amazon store on the side of my blog advertising books that I like, and sometimes I’ll include a link to Amazon in a post that mentions a book (favorable or negatively).  If you buy a book or other product from Amazon through links on this blog, Amazon pays me a percentage of the sale.  All that being said, I will never suggest a book or item on Amazon unless I actually like that product a LOT.  Including links to Amazon is my way of helping people find a product at a good price.  If I get a dollar or two in the process – we both win.  Mostly, I just like the pretty book covers that show on the Amazon box in my blog sidebar.

The DuhBe Shop and Ballyhoo Bath

Maybe this one is obvious, but any money you spend at the  DuhBe Etsy shop or from Ballyhoo bath goes to me because those are my shops, and this blog is a promotional tool for me as well as my means for sharing information with others.  Although I am a humble person, I will still tout my wares in my shop on this blog and reap all the profits if you buy from me.  (Neither shop is selling at this time, but maybe they will again someday.)


At this time (August 2015), I have not received and products, promos, discounts, freebies, or other compensation from any company other than those mentioned above.

If any company wants to give me stuff for me to review on my blog – I’m open to that idea.  But, the review or endorsement of said products will include a disclaimer within the posted review which states I was given the product for free/discount because that is the ethical thing to do.