Welcome to the DuhBe blog!  I’m glad you stopped by and took the time to read about me.

What does DuhBe mean? There are 4 reasons I chose this as my business name.

1. Duhbe is a star in the northern hemisphere which points to Polaris.  It guides you to the right path, so you will never lose your way.  (It is actually spelled “Dubhe” but I liked my spelling better.  Sometimes creativity means bending the rules a little)

2. DuhBe is the Arabic word for bear.  Since I’m half Lebanese and I like to make Teddy Bears, I liked the tie-in.

3. Break the word down and it is “DUH! BE!” which is a good & simple philosophy on how to live one’s life.

4. For children of the 70’s who remember ZOOM on PBS – you may remember speaking ubby-dubby.  It’s just a fun word to say out loud while doing that elbow cross-over thingy they used to do on the show.