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Pocket Letters – sharing my first 3

A few weeks back, our Somerset group on Swap-bot posted a swap for pocket letters.  I looked up pocket letters on the web, and on YouTube, and Pinterest, and Instagram.  And I was loving it!  So I joined a couple of swaps for this trendy new craft. Here’s a shabby one that included a paper doll… If you haven’t heard
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Emily’s Dress with roses

I love it when readers share the things they make using my fabric rose tutorial.  I recently received a note from 17-year-old Emily in the U.K. thanking me for the tutorial which she used to make a dress for her textiles class.  She shared photos with me and graciously gave permission to share on my blog. She was designing her
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Turning Japanese, I really think so

I’ll get to the Japenese sewing in a bit, but let me start at the beginning… It all started with Martha Stewert and the guy cooking the Japanese hot pots.  Then, by chance, I found that Japanese Hot Pots cookbook in the library so I used it to make the yummiest beef sukiyaki I’ve ever had.  (Which I had to
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A list of 11 rose making tutorials

Today I’ve decided to share a list of 11 different tutorials for making and crafting roses from various materials.  Read on to see links and photos off all the lovely roses you can make…

Being original on Etsy

Whether you have an Etsy shop or dream of having one someday, perhaps you should check out Gary’s fine jewelry and Stuff on Etsy to see how things should (or shouldn’t) be done.  He gets the most points for originality on Etsy, that’s fer sure. He seems pretty touchy about his images so I won’t post any here.  (I don’t
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Vintage kitsch for $20

My mom gave me a $20 bill for my birthday.  How old fashioned is that? So to honor the old fashioned, here’s how I spent it… One of my favorite thrift stores had some new hand-embroidered linens on consignment from a woman who moved to assisted living and sold off her collection of stuff she’d made.  Most of the linens
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For my next trick – graphic design

As stated before, I want to update the look of my blog with something original.  I’ve designed websites before, but I’ve always relied on free graphics.  This time I want something original.  So I went looking for ideas to inspire me.  And I unlocked the secret to graphic design that has eluded me for years. 

More packaging ideas

I just ran across a  blog today called The Gifted Blog, which has great ideas for gift wrapping.  Etsy sellers who want “boutique” type packaging at a reasonable cost should check out the ideas from the Gifted Blog.  Of co ourse the site is also handy for Christmas or other gift wrap events. The Gifted Blog has some great ideas
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Look at these rose headbands

Jecka Boutique has been buying my fabric roses for a while now.  I just looked in her shop at the new items and they are gorgeous!  Take a look at her bohemian headbands… She tells me these roses are popular with her bridal customers off-Etsy.   After seeing how they look on the model – I can see why!  Just lovely.
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Shoes in the collective unconscious

Some of you following my blog know that I’ve been working on some handmade shoes lately.  I’m hoping to have 2-3 more pairs finished today so I can wear them this weekend.  You may also remember that I searched the internet and found little info on making shoes, with the exception of Simple Shoemaking which is an excellent website and
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